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People in organizations: Leadership, role design and group dynamic processes in organizations


Tuesday 4th June 2019 - Friday 7th June 2019

Schlosshotel Kloster Walberberg, Germany

oezpa GmBH - Akademie & Consulting
in cooperation with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

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The primary task of the participants of an ORGLAB is to explore the behaviour and events associated
with the development and design of professional roles as well as networked social systems in order to
learn from this for their own business and project practice.

• To a certain extent, the experience and behaviour in the learning groups provides the learning material,
which is supported by the consultants (“staff"). In this way the learning groups and counsellors form a
kind of social laboratory, which makes ORGLAB a method of learning by experience.

• The ORGLAB promotes the integration of intellectual and emotional intelligence and can thus
encourage managers and employees to recognize and liberate their creative and visionary capacities.

• The experience in ORGLAB-Settings makes working with conscious and unconscious dynamics more
tangible in terms of leadership and management within fast moving and networked organizations.

• The design was developed by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR, London), a
collaborative partner of Oezpa.

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The Learning Aims:
  • Systemic relationships and interactions
  • Psychodynamic processes in organizations
  • Leadership, power, authority, delegation and dependence
  • Self-management in roles
  • Attachment and affiliation
  • Conflicts and crises
  • Difference and integration
  • Borders and open systems in organizations
  • Unconscious phenomena in organizations
  • Change dynamics and innovation processes

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An ORGLAB differs from other learning formats. The
study of unconscious dynamics of individuals in
groups and groups in social systems makes it
possible to investigate relevant tensions, internal or
social conflicts, inhibitions, but also aspirations,
values and hopes that exist beneath the surface of
observable daily work.

In a framework protected and guided by professional counsellors, participants can work through essential
undercurrents, thus leading to their own way and working together to give others quality and depth, to
improve them and to take more ownership in the context of the groups' objectives or the organizations for
which they work

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An oezpa ORGLAB provides you with inspiration and new perspectives
to bring about lasting change in the life of your organization. It also
offers the development of potential of the organization and its members.
Are you curious and looking for new experiences that make a
This learning format helps you learn through leadership and
collaboration, rather than about leadership and collaboration.

The primary mission of ORGLAB is to experience the behaviour and
events associated with the development and design of professional
roles and systems in order to learn from them. The ORGLAB offers
possibilities to consciously vary your own role behaviour in order to
break familiar habits and patterns of behaviour and leave your own
comfort zones. This, in turn, is essential for personal and group
dynamic openings to the unknown as well as to innovation and
questions on issues such as leadership and collaboration.

"I would particularly like to emphasize
the systemic view that permeates many
of the oezpa seminars I attend.
Meanwhile, the systemic approach is
firmly in my everyday life. My way of
thinking has become different. I always
find it exciting to look at things from
different perspectives. In the sense:
Thanks to oezpa and to the whole
Nico Bemtgen, Administrative Director,
Stefftung Hellef Doheem

"Attending two Orglabs has more than
expanded my understanding and
perspective. Oezpa has provided
important food for thought about my
individual personal development. Both
professionally and personally, I benefit
greatly from it.“
Christian Pfeiffer, Rehabilitation
Manager, Unfallkasse Rheinland-Pfalz

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The ORGLAB is designed to provide learning opportunities for leadership, collaboration and taking
responsibility. Developing new as well as familiar roles, understanding and reflecting on them within
different learning settings, should help to enhance the understanding of one's own organizational
work and role design.

• The ORGLAB provides varying structures and tasks, focusing on the need for participants to
understand their own and other participants' roles in the context of this temporary organization. Such
understanding involves a disciplined attention to one's own experience and the experience of others.

• In this 'temporary learning organization' the participants learn above all through experience and
reflection on their experiences. The consultant system ("Staff") supports learning by providing clear
structures in terms of time and space, as well as their role as reflection partners and "mirrors" of

• The learning success during and after participation is based on continuous effort, mental presence
and the intrinsic desire to learn.

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Dr. Phil. Hüseyin Özdemir  
is Visiting Professor, CEO of oezpa Academy & Consulting / Advisory Board
Digital Change GmbH, Senior Coach in the German Association for Coaching (DBVC) and Expert Council
of the DBVC. He is also a member of the advisory board of oezpa SWISS GmbH in Lucerne. He is a
management consultant, trainer, moderator and member of the supervisory board of an IT consulting

Barbara Lagler Özdemir  
has a master’s degree in organizational development and coaching. She is the
CEO of oezpa SWISS GmbH, Lucerne / Switzerland and co-managing director of oezpa GmbH -
Academy & Consulting. She is Senior Lecturer at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences and Senior
Coach of DBVC Germany. ICF member. Member of BSO. Mrs. Barbara Lagler Özdemir was a Staff
member in Group Relations conferences in China, Lithuania, India, England, Italy and Germany.

Olya Khaleelee  
Organizational Consultant and Psychologist, London. She has worked with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations,
London, for more than 30 years to develop Group Relations both in the UK and abroad. She has been a staff member of
numerous national and international ORGLABs and was the first female director of the Leicester ORGLAB in 1995.

Jolita Buzaityte Kasalyniene  Ph.D,
Associate professor at the Institute of Sociology and Social Work, Vilnius University. Advisor, Ministry of Education
and Science and the Youth Department, Ministry of Social Security and Labour; Member Lithuanian Sociologists Society;
Chair of Ethics Committee, Lithuanian Scouting Association; Representative, Vydūnas Youth Foundation; Co-founder and
President, Lithuanian Group Relations Society

Laura Sedlaczek  
Bachelor's degree in Business Psychology, PA, oezpa GmbH, Academy & Consulting, Bornheim, Germany

Administration Assistant
Alina Sukhanava  B.Sc.
in Economics and Management, Junior Consultant, oezpa GmbH, Academy & Consulting, Bornheim, Germany

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Info and Fees

Date: 4-7 June 2019

Event location: Schlosshotel Kloster Walberberg, 53332 Bornheim-Walberberg (near Cologne / Bonn)

Cost of the organizational seminar: The seminar fee is EUR 1.450,00 plus VAT, plus conference fee. Participants receive
a participation certificate from the organizer. For participants of the oezpa training programs, in which the Orglab is a submodule,
there are no additional costs.

Cost of the conference hotel: The conference package without dinner is 42,50 Euro. The night with breakfast in a single
room costs 64 euros.

Seminar language: The ORGLAB language is German and English. For reflection and in the context of learning processes,
speaking other languages as well as choosing one of the two languages remains a possibility.

Please note: Should you find yourself in difficult business or private times, we recommend participating at a different time.

Registration & information about the organization
oezpa GmbH
Laura Sedlaczek
Schlosshotel Kloster Walberberg
Rheindorfer Burgweg 39
D-53332 Bornheim-Walberberg
T. + 49 (0) 2227. 92 - 157.00
F. + 49 (0) 2227. 92 - 157.20

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