Group Relations Australia (GRA) was established in 2005. It is a vibrant, not-for-profit membership organisation. The purpose or "primary task" of Group Relations Australia is to promote the study of group dynamics and the interactions between conscious and unconscious processes in organisations, groups, and society, and their application in professional practice.

The association's aims are:

to continue to develop group relations in Australia; to play a socially responsible role, taking up, wherever appropriate and within scope of the organisation's purpose, current issues in society; to contribute to the professional needs of its members and others; to contribute to professional excellence in the field of group relations work; to provide an environment in which people can extend themselves intellectually, participate in developing ideas and be stimulated by these; to link with other group relations organisations around the world; and to exist both for the interests of members and for the general public through various public activities.

Group Relations Australia hosts annual mini or major Group Relations conferences. The theme for this year's 5-day international residential conference (Oct 13 - 17 2008) is exploring intergenerational dynamics in the workplace (see

GRA holds a number of regular events including: work-in-progress meetings, open space meetings, listening posts and a lecture series. GRA also publishes the journal Socio-Analysis edited by Professor Susan Long and supported by an International Editorial Advisory Board.

The current President: Servaas Van Beekum;
Vice President: Jinette de Gooijer;
Past President: Susan Long;
Secretary: Brigid Nossal;
Treasurer: Kerry Stevens;
Committee members: Robert Ryan and Mike Faris